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IT Architechs is your trusted local provider of work from home technology solutions in the Alton, IL area. Our remote office technology consultants will work with you to understand the needs of your business and identify the home office technology solutions that will keep your employees engaged and productive, and your business secure. Contact us today!

Home Office Technology for a Productive Remote Workforce

Like most business owners, you were likely caught off guard in early 2020 with the pandemic. You and your employees were suddenly scuttled off to your homes. You made quick decisions to keep your business afloat while taking care of your employees and customers.

Now, with the experience of running your business remotely, you may be more open to permanent remote work, either full-time or a hybrid approach. Remote work gives your employees a more flexible schedule. It also leads to happier and more productive employees.

With those valuable lessons on what works and what doesn’t, it’s now time to invest in your remote office solution, and IT Architechs can help.

Work From Home Solutions

7 Remote Work Technical Solutions to Adopt for Success Now

With remote work technical solutions, you can more easily onboard new employees. More importantly, you can find talent from outside your local area and manage your current team better. Here are seven tech solutions that we can help you adopt to enable your success.

1. Virtual private network

Your employees need a secure method of connecting to resources. Our engineers can implement a robust VPN that’ll secure your data and provide the performance your team needs. If you need more security, consider a Zero Trust authentication model.

2. Portals

If your company uses internet portals, like an intranet, make those web-facing. Your team can then access the information while on the go without logging in via the VPN. Our team can help with this transition, so your data is both accessible and secure.

3. Virtual desktops

Chances are that some of your employees are using personal devices to connect to their office desktops. Instead of giving everyone new computers, invest in a virtual desktop environment (on your own server or in the cloud). A VDI offers a higher level of security since all the computing takes place on your servers. It’s also scalable. You can adjust the desktop power and add more capacity if needed. IT Architechs’ virtualization engineers can custom design a solution for you.

4. Video conferencing

Video meetings are a fact of life now. Plenty of solutions exist but choosing the right one can be confusing. Our team will ensure the solution has the features and security your business needs.

5. Collaboration software

Your team often works together on projects to build your business and take care of your customers. With collaboration software, they can keep doing so easily. Whiteboard applications and shared documents let team members work on the same file together. And when used with video conferencing, it can offer an in-office feel. Our team can suggest a collaboration solution that fits your budget and your needs.

6. Chat

If your company wasn’t using chat pre-pandemic, you probably are now. Moving from a free chat to a paid solution will make administration much easier. It’ll also offer log retention in case your business is subject to compliance regulations. IT Architechs’ communications team can bundle chat with other solutions to enhance your team’s productivity while saving you money!

7. Phones

It’s important that customers and partners can reach your business. With a remote workforce, a phone solution can be challenging. Our team can help you establish an IP-based solution with your choice of remote headsets, softphones and custom forwarding solutions to mobile devices.

IT Architechs is here to help with remote work technical solutions

As you’ve likely experienced, remote office solutions can be complex. But they offer rewarding opportunities to businesses and employees. Our engineers are ready to help you make the transition to a remote workforce as smooth as possible. Contact us today to get started!