Managed IT Support

We provide comprehensive managed IT support and managed IT services for companies in the Collinsville, IL area. IT Architechs is a preferred local managed IT company experienced in helping both SMBs and enterprise organizations effectively utilize technology- connect with us today to learn more!

IT Architechs Managed tech

IT Architechs’ MANAGEDTECH™ is the future of business technology management, reducing your IT management and set up, letting you focus on your business not your IT.

When you need managed IT services in to maintain peak operation in the IT network of your small business, consider us here at IT Architechs.  We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee so you can focus your efforts on spurring your revenues to grow. Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve with your small business today with IT Architechs’ managed IT support, IT consulting services, network security and business phone systems.

When you sign up with our managed IT services,
here are some of the substantial benefits:


Costs 24/7

Ramped Up

We Are Always

You can rest easy when you put your managed IT support services needs in our hands.

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Our Managed IT Services solution, MANAGEDTECH™, allows you to build a solid technology plan, receive a summary of what has been happening with your technology, and eliminate obstacles that impact productivity via our …


We know before you do!

We keep a mindful watch over all your computers, servers and other critical IT equipment to spot problems long before they occur. We can identify problem areas well in advance of a failure that could impact your productivity.

Critical Updates

Patch Management = Peace of Mind

Our team is working to ensure that the latest patches to your operating systems, virus and malware protection or other software are patched. This allows you to rest assured that the latest protection for security or proper operation of the equipment is being maintained.

Status & Strategy

Your Virtual CIO

We act as your CIO to help you plan technology as a part of your business.  Our consultative approach lets you know someone with experience is on your side, looking forward with strategy to assist your business plan, not sidetrack it due to improper planning and costs that could occur due to required technology to support that business plan.

Control and Visibility

Allow what you want for Productivity

We help you craft the acceptable use of the internet in your business, so people are productive.  You can decide who and what can be accessessed from the internet allowing the bandwidth that you have work for your business.

Hardware Refresh Cycle

Budget and Plan

We help you with your technology cycles from budget to implementation, we have you covered.

Backup and Recovery

Your data — protected your way.

Data is anything but uniform. Which is why your data protection, backup and recovery solution needs to cover the full range of data sources, file types, storage media and backup modes — from snapshots to streaming. IT Architechs has a solution that covers the range that your business needs.

We help you Enjoy IT!