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IT Architechs is your trusted local end user & employee cyber security awareness training provider in the Mehlville, MO area. We will train your employees & end users on all cyber security best practices including awareness about potential phishing schemes and how to avoid letting cyber criminals into your systems. Contact us today.

Proper user training improves security

According to Forbes, cybersecurity spending will reach $123 billion in 2020. So far, it focuses on five areas:

  • Security services
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Network security equipment
  • Identity access management
  • Consumer security software

Companies cannot work without these practices and investments. However, that $123 billion could become useless if employees are not helping to keep your company safe.

Of course, there are hackers who have the technical knowledge to bypass your network security. They are not as common as you may think though. In fact, one of the easiest ways to access your system is through social engineering. Social engineering takes advantage of the human element in your business. It leverages emotion and a lack of knowledge to get into your network.

Social engineering takes the form of emails or text messages with bad links. It may also appear as phone calls with scammers trying to convince the end user to reveal private data. So, while you may have the latest technology with the right settings, if your team does not know how to identify a phishing attack, a hacker can walk right in and put their malware on your computers.

Cybersecurity teams must stay alert and protected 100% of the time, but attackers only have to find a way in once. So, what is the missing piece? Proper end user security awareness training. And IT Architechs can help you identify the right training procedures and create protocols to best shield your business from threats.

End User Security Training

Strengthen the weakest link

Spending a large amount of money on a vault to keep your money safe will have little effect if someone provides a thief the key to get in. The same idea is true of cybersecurity.

If an employee downloads a malware program onto your system simply by clicking on an innocent-looking, but bad link or document, an attacker can sneak right in. Hackers spend a lot of time studying you and your business. So, they know exactly who to target and how to get their attention. A simple email with a touching story or tempting offer with a link to get a fake prize could cause real harm to your business.

But you can turn the weakest link in the chain (the human element) into a strong tool in your defense system. We can help you teach your employees about what to look for in a suspicious email. We can also help you set a security policy against opening emails from unknown senders.

These simple steps can stop many attacks. In fact, recent reports indicate that companies that have a security awareness program are up to 10 times more secure than those without one.

Why you need to prioritize cybersecurity

End user security awareness training can protect your company from data breaches, but privacy and security are not the only things at stake. According to CNBC, 43% of cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses. This ends up costing an average of $200,000 per incident. Also, only three out of 10 employees got annual cybersecurity awareness training in 2019. This could be why attacks against small- to medium-sized businesses are so successful.

Further, it is important to note that you could endure more consequences after the attack. You may face fines, loss of trust by customers or investors, and more.

Why choose IT Architechs for your end user security awareness training?

The safety of your company is a high priority and should not be left to chance. You need experts who have been in the security community for years and who understand what it takes to defend your systems. At IT Architechs, we are professionals with the expertise for your specific needs.

We can teach your employees what it takes to keep your business safe from outside threats. We stay up to date on the latest attacks and methods too, so we can figure out what attackers may use to target your company.

You cannot rely on technology alone to protect your company. So, stop trusting technology to do all of the work, and make your employees part of the defense team.

Trust us to provide your business with end user security awareness training in the IT Architechs area. Contact us today to get started.

You can rest easy when you put your cyber security consulting needs in our hands. Contact us today to schedule a cyber security assessment!

Cyber Security Support

Security of your technology should be easy and provide you peace of mind.  As part of our cyber security support, we incorporate the technology that protects your assets and data from external and internal threats. Our cyber security assessments provide a strategic roadmap to increasing your cyber security to protect your data and company assets!

Security Analysis

Security Analysis

As part of our cyber security consulting, we conduct an analysis of the configuration and setup of all Microsoft servers. This includes recommendations to improve the security of your network infrastructure, Active Directory and Microsoft Windows server operating systems.

Critical Updates

Critical Updates

Our security patch management solution aims at overcoming the vulnerabilities that create security weakness, corrupt critical system data or cause system downtime.

Managed Internet Security Appliance

Managed Internet Security Appliance

The first step to securing a network is to have an enterprise class firewall properly configured to prevent the wrong people from getting in to your network all while providing your remote workforce a secure entry point to your network.

Recovery & Critical Data Protection

Recovery & Critical Data Protection

Our philosophy is that all cyber security services should include at least one form of backup since the majority of security breaches involve stealing and holding data for ransom.



We provide unlimited access to our cyber security team for security related questions and analytics. We also include compliance and auditing consulting and guidance.

Health and Uptime Monitoring

Health and Uptime Monitoring

This feature allows us to proactively monitor the security status, health and uptime of our client’s IT environments.

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