Structured Cabling Installations

IT Architechs performs structured cabling, data cabling, and network wiring services for companies in the O’Fallon, MO area. Our data cabling services can help your organization plan and execute a superior network wiring infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more about structured cabling!

IT Architechs’ structured cabling and data cabling services can bring efficiencies to your IT infrastructure.

Your organization’s cabling and network wiring are the essentially the bones of your technology environment. A strategically planned and installed cabling set up works to keep connectivity and speed fast and reliable. Another benefit of an organized cabling system is the ease of troubleshooting any IT issues, making any upgrades to your network hardware, and planning projects or moves.

Our approach to networking wiring and data cabling services:

Examine the business premises

Create a visual mockup of cables

Evaulate roadblocks & potential issues

Test & monitor results

You can rest easy when you put your network wiring needs in our hands.

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Our structured cabling team will thoroughly and comprehensively evaluate your business premises, blueprints, and physical structures to draft a straegic plan to install a new or upgrade your current cabling system. We’ll also look at your network layout, bandwidth & connectivity needs- now and with planned growth in the future. Our professional will pull this data together to ensure we have a network wiring solution to keep you business connected and able harness the latest and most advanced technologies.

Our cabling technicians will install and organize your wires in a clean, efficient, and organized manner. We ensure all wiring closets and server rooms have easy to read visual guides in case your internal IT team needs to disconnect, reconnect, or reconfigure any wiring. The cabling runs we install all color coded and properly mapped according to industry best practices. Our network wiring solutions are neat and tidy- after we have installed or updated your cabling system, you’ll hardly notice the wires are present.

If your company has an upcoming office move, remodel, or needs a wiring upgrade/additional drops, call us today to discuss how our data cabling services can help your business achieve its goals!

Reach out to our team today to learn more about structured cabling services!