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IT Architechs is your trusted local Wyse Partner, dealer and reseller in the O’Fallon, MO area. We provide solutions that involve removing chunks of intelligence from PCs, leaving a relatively dump terminal whose only task is to access data and applications stored on a central server. That, in turn, allows IT managers to gain closer control over the computing systems in the organization. Contact us today to speak to a Wyse solutions consultant.

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IT management can feel like painting a bridge: A never-ending process of updating IT systems with the needed service packs, hotfixes, and antivirus definitions. So it’s understandable why you need instant relief, if only from the endless refresh cycles.

Enter the thin-client computing architecture: A tech solution promising to deliver a superior PC experience: With the data, display applications, and operating systems served from a centralized mainframe.

As promising as that is, you probably don’t want to hear dozens of vendor pitches. You want one Wyse reseller to come in and deploy the entire solution for YOU. From our experience, it’s easier that way.

Our Core Focus: The Thin-Client Architecture

Server-based computing solutions, also known as thin-client architecture, replace the traditional computing model that still uses unreliable, unsecured and energy-intensive PCs. And in its stead, they place a virtualized desktop served by a centralized supercomputer to deliver a superior user experience. All while lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

With centralization comes reduced software maintenance, improved security, and hardware resource optimization. Our job is to help you unlock the full potential of this powerful computing solution.

As a leading thin-client computing solution provider, and having served small to enterprise businesses, we leverage our experience to help IT managers develop strategies for accessing corporate data and applications that meet:

  • High-performance levels
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Government regulations

Our offerings include cybersecurity, data center, end-user computing, and core server infrastructure.

Beyond benefiting from a well-defined project management methodology, you can tap into our vendor partnerships with value-centric tech firms.

Why Wyse? And what’s in it for you?

Wyse solutions are designed and optimized for establishing remote connections with centralized servers.

As the first zero and thin clients to support desktop virtualization, Wyse solutions are suitable for even the most demanding applications. Think of rich media, video editing, advanced simulations, CAD/CAM, and 3D solids modeling.

Local users receive a superior PC experience while using a lightweight device the size of a book, and only consuming under 15 watts of electrical power. (Compare that to approximately 150 watts for PCs.)

Then there’s Dell’s exclusive Wyse ThinOS, which is not only a highly secure operating system but also delivers an exception user experience, thanks to its high-performance desktop virtualization protocols. It also supports popular unified communication platforms to keep users productive.

Modern Wyse thin clients, on their end, offer high flexibility levels. Be it in peripheral support or available form factors. Plus, Wyse provides several mounting options to enhance your desktop real estate.

Overall, Wyse solutions (infrastructure software, hardware, and services) make desktop solutions more manageable, secure, and reliable from end-to-end.

What does that mean for you?

With the addition of Wyse solutions to our IT management offers, we can now provide end-to-end thin-client solutions supporting Citrix, VMware, Hewlett-Packard, etc.

The resulting architecture eliminates the need for PCs and desktop workstations, allowing you to realize the benefits of flexible, reliable, and secure desktop computing for local users regardless of their location.

You manage, service, and update desktops from a centralized location, all while providing users access to the data and application they need to remain productive.

As a result, your organization enjoys:

  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced security
  • Simplified IT management
  • Reduced costs, etc.

Cost savings opportunities also go beyond the hardware expenses to encompass software, system maintenance, system licensing, and power consumption.

To paint a picture, take durability, for example. Thin-client devices can last 2x as long as traditional devices. All while requiring minimal management due to their lack of moving parts: hard drives, fans, etc. This results in reduced maintenance and repair costs.

Say Goodbye to Endless System Updates and Refresh Cycles

You no longer have to endure what feels like painting a bridge — a continuous process of updating your decentralized IT systems with the needed antiviruses, anti-spies, service packs, and hotfixes.

Leverage thin-client architecture to centralize your systems. Then manage, service, and update your organization’s desktops from a central location.

Need help? Speak to a Wyse consultant today!