Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

IT Architechs’ CLOUDTECH™ is the future of private cloud.

Today’s most successful companies use a cloud strategy
to drive innovation and business results.

Stay competitive with IT Architechs CLOUDTECH solutions. Our team of professionals utilize leading-edge technology to help you adopt a cloud strategy that meets your business needs now and in the future. Our services are fully scalable and provide redundancy and reliability that you may not have in an on-premise solution.

You will never have to worry about an IT cost you can’t cover. With no additional IT staff needed, you can now direct your team to more important things like growing prospects and leave the little things to us.

When you sign up with our cloud services,
here are some of the substantial benefits:


Costs 24/7

Ramped Up

We Are Always

Our professionals are grounded, but reach deep into the clouds.

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Our Cloud solution, CLOUDTECH™, allows you to build a solid technology infrastructure, without large capital outlays or additonal support team.  Eliminate obstacles that impact productivity with traditional computing and experience secure, private anytime, anywhere, any device computing!


Deliver features faster by providing your users with on-demand access to infrastructure.

Critical Updates

Always patched to the latest levels for operating systems, groupware or other applications that are under a hosting agreement.


Gain performance advantages over public cloud, with dedicated resources for your business.


Get the enhanced security of dedicated, physically isolated network, compute and storage layers.


Customize the dedicated compute, storage and networking components to best suit your needs.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your business relies on critical data to serve all facets of operations. With the prevalence and high cost of data loss, implementing a backup and recovery solution is top priority. Our cloud backup services that are designed to provide right-sized options that safeguard your business against costly failures.

We help you Enjoy IT!