Our Core

IT Architechs Core Values

Information Technology (IT) is at the core of everything we do. While providing our IT solutions, our team members constantly strive to be:


Always accessible by consistently using our collection of collaboration tools to assist clients with their needs, and to assist other team members with providing a great client experience and with improving personally and professionally.


Always looking to be held accountable for their responsibilities, and holding others accountable for theirs.


Always in tune with the real reason we are on this planet, a family-first focus. Amore-focused is not really a word, but we needed something that started with an A.


Always remembering that a thankful attitude makes a positive impact on the environment around us, particularly toward those who are less fortunate today.


Always carrying themselves in a manner that shows respect, a willingness to help, and an ability to interject humor that is enticing for others to interact and to collaborate.


Always identifying newer and more efficient ways to design, build, and implement better technologies, processes, and systems.


Always setting the bar higher than the last time to utilize even more of our potential than was possible yesterday.