Phone and Unified Communications

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Your Business Doesn’t have a Phone Problem

You have a Communications Opportunity!

Zero time. Tiny budgets. Huge plans. Sound familiar? You can overcome your biggest hurdles with business VoIP phone service and more, from IT Architechs. It’s a snap to turn on, easy to use, and astonishingly affordable. Compete against the big guys and win, with services that project an image as big as your ambitions.

When you sign up with our VoIP Phone and Collaboration services, your company becomes more productive. Here are some of the substantial benefits:

Project a Big Company Image

Reap Savings

Stay Connected on the Move

Unify your employees with one system

You can rest easy when you put your VoIP phone and unified communication support needs in our hands. Contact us today for more information.

One System, One Company

With a unified communications platform your company will achieve great benefits, such as:


Get all your VoIP phone, fax, collaboration and contact center services in one complete Unified Communications Suite.

Rapid Change

Adapt on the fly and manage all your communications with ease.

Simplify Communications

Simplify your life with just one system and one low monthly bill

Focused Teams

Keep teams unified and focused wherever they go, with teleconferencing, web meetings, videoconferencing, mobile apps and more.

Hardware Refresh Cycle

Its in the cloud, no hardware refresh required

Customer Service

Connect the customer to the right person every time

We help you Enjoy IT!