Do more with less Top 10 technology solutions.

COVID-19 affected small businesses in many different ways. From being forced to reduce headcount to working remotely, it seemed like new problems popped up daily. As a small business owner, you’re facing the problem of doing more with less. How do you take care of your existing customers while exploring new opportunities with a lower budget and a smaller headcount? There are technology solutions that can make life easier both now and when things return to normal.

Discover 10 technology solutions that will help your company do more with less.

One Touch Cloud SolutionPower productivity

COVID-19 has presented a unique challenge to maintaining your productivity with fewer resources. To keep and even increase your productivity, you need help. You and your employees can work more efficiently when you have the right tools in place.

Whiteboard application – There are many whiteboard programs that can allow real-time collaboration between your employees. Also, if you’re in the early stages of creating a solution for a new customer, you can whiteboard with them as well. This eliminates the need for some in-person meetings.

Cloud storage – Moving your files from a server in your office to the cloud (or leveraging cloud-sharing software for your in-office files) allows your employees to work and share files from anywhere. As a bonus, you can share files with your customers as well.

Focus on finance

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Modernizing your accounting tools and processes can save you time. It can also give you greater control over your company’s finances.

Payment methods – As a small business, you likely receive payment in several ways. By changing your accepted payment methods to credit cards and purchase orders, you can save time and money. Consider contracting with an invoice service, too. This can reduce the time and cost of collecting payments.

Paperless documentation – Invest in a document scanner and keep all of your records on your server or in the cloud. By switching to paperless documents, your bookkeeper can more easily improve your finance processes. Plus, your life will be much easier at tax time.

Manage marketing

When trying to save money, one of the first items to go out the window is the marketing budget. Unfortunately, that can lead to fewer new customers, and your existing customers may not hear about new products. By embracing technology solutions, you can continue to spread the word about your business.

Blog – Starting a blog is a free way to connect with your customers. You can promote new products or create a monthly newsletter that summarizes recent blog posts to help customer engagement. You can even engage with partners in the area and cross-post for a greater reach.

Social media – This is another free solution! Using social media can keep engagement with your customers high. In addition to strengthening those relationships, you can use it to reach new customers as well. Combined with the blog, you can increase your company’s reach for little cost. To put it plainly, you need to be on social media.

Cater to customer service

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Even with a lower headcount and a dispersed workforce, you still have to take care of your customers. Keeping them happy will result in cost savings and more revenue down the road.

Online appointments– You can add an appointment widget to your website that lets customers schedule appointments with your sales and support teams. This cuts down on calls and emails.

Online help desk – Optimize your support offerings. Use your social media to direct customers having issues to your help desk program. Also, add a support email address to your website that automatically opens a ticket for your customers. This will centralize all of your support needs.

Realign remote work

Rather than fighting remote work, embrace it. Your employees will be happier and more productive. As a bonus, it opens up the entire country (or world!) as a talent pool.

Virtual phones – You can switch your company phones to virtual phones that any device can connect to. This allows for a higher level of customer service and lets your employees work outside of the office.

Laptops– If your employees still use desktop computers, upgrade them to laptops so they can work from anywhere. By adding a hotspot capability to the laptops or to company cell phones, you enable your employees to be more productive.

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