While in Toronto for a Global Leadership Conference as a member of the EO St. Louis Board, we attended the very large Truck World 2018 (https://www.truckworld.ca/).  Of course, there were some very large trucks and trailers on display, but with the ever-increasing importance of technology in the transportation industry, there were some very good technology providers as well.

Automation is more than driverless vehicles

The software and hardware companies demonstrated their products across Load Management, Asset (Trucks, Trailers, Drivers) Optimization and Tracking, and Parts/Service Management.  Each software company helps ease the pain of regulatory reporting required for compliance.

  • Load Management/Back Office/Sales: We were able to gain insight into the latest technologies from comprehensive products like McLeod’s LoadMaster, Trimble’s TMW, Streamline’s NaviStream/NaviLink/degams, and TransPlus System’s software.

These products continue to advance electronic optimization of the industry allowing continued integration of the operational and back-end functions using technology that connects mobile assets to the software to increase visibility of load management.  Once an integration is in place for load management the sales teams are able to sell a new load to another destination, keeping their fleet moving and profitable.

  • Asset Optimization: knowing where your trucks, trailers or other assets are is important and there are some new technologies that help organizations prepare for the regulations increase that affect drivers and other aspects of safety in the transportation industry.  There were some very powerful tools: Trimble’s PeopleNet, Omnitracs software, BSM FAMS, and Blackberry’s Radar.
  • In addition, there were many smaller-scoped applications for different areas of the Transportation industry.  One of the tools that stood out for us was DataDis’ MIR-RT for maintenance management. Maintenance management is an overlooked area but critical to an operation to ensure that all records for each asset can be produced to demonstrate proper care for trucks, trailers or other assets in the event of an inspection.  This helps drivers stay ahead and keeps them rolling.  With new mobile technologies incorporated and continually advancing, optimization continues to aid and relieve some of the pain associated with reporting.

Overall, Truck World 2018 was a great event.  We met some great new friends, built some new relationships that will allow IT Architechs to strengthen our transportation market growth.  We look forward to providing additional details after future Trucking and Transportation events. If you have any needs make sure to call us and let’s chat on which technology can help drive your company to the future.