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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) operate. Budgets have dropped, and doing more with less is the current trend in the business world. Companies can no longer afford to have more team members than they need. Cloud computing is the answer to taking away the financial worries and bringing in productivity.

Cloud computing offers different solutions depending on what you need. According to TechJury, 85% of all businesses are using the cloud in some form and 94% of work done on the internet will go through the cloud this year. Plus, 67% of IT infrastructure was cloud-based in 2020. It looks like everybody is moving to the cloud, and now, in this work-from-home environment, the cloud can be your most valuable resource.

The breakdown

cloud ecosystemSo, what exactly is the cloud? The cloud provides the technology you need, when you need it and without direct management by the user. Cloud computing is broken down into four types of cloud services: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Function as a Service (FaaS).

IaaS allows you to use the resources in the cloud location as if they were your own. You can install and set up operating systems, applications and more. The cloud owner is responsible for maintaining the physical equipment at the site, and you simply tell them what you need.

PaaS is available for anyone who needs to develop and deploy software. It provides all of the tools without making you buy the software. SaaS allows you to subscribe to software products to use as needed. Most SaaS products let you access them through a browser instead of downloading the product too. FaaS allows you to execute application code without worrying if your computer can handle it. It provides the computing power to run resource-intensive functions.

All of these options let you focus on what really matters – your customers.

How can cloud computing help you?

There are many benefits to having someone manage your technology. Following are just a few:

  • Improved Security

    Cloud SolutionsA cloud host’s full-time job is to continually monitor security, which is much more efficient than a conventional in-house system. Keeping your sensitive information offsite protects against one of the most common sources of data theft – those perpetuated internally, by employees. According to RapidScale, 94% of businesses saw an improvement in security after switching to the cloud, and 91% said the cloud makes it easier to meet government compliance requirements.

  • Increased Flexibility

    The cloud offers more flexibility overall vs. a local server host. For example, if you find your business needs more bandwidth, you can get it instantly with a cloud-based service. With a local server, adding bandwidth often involves a complex and expensive update to your IT infrastructure.

  • Mobility

    Cloud computing enables access to corporate data from anywhere, from virtually any mobile device. With so many organizations moving to remote work environments, it makes complete sense to move to the cloud. Even completely onsite work environments benefit from the cloud, by enabling easy access for freelancers and employees who travel.

  • Increased Collaboration

    Cloud computing makes collaboration of teams across an organization a breeze. Team members can communicate and share files easily and securely across a cloud-based platform, leading to a more efficient workflow and overall increased productivity.

These are just some of the reasons so many businesses are moving to the cloud. The cloud can help manage some or all of your technology – it’s up to you. If you already have an IT team, you can decide what they still need to manage and what goes to your provider. Either way, you will be removing some extra work to make you more efficient.

Why choose cloud computing providers?

Moving to the cloud takes away the complication of managing your own server hardware in your IT environment. But most IT teams don’t have a lot of time for extra work and may not know how or what should move to the cloud. A professional provider can offer the expertise to help you move quickly and easily.

Experts know all of the right questions to figure out exactly what you need. Get it done right the first time by hiring professionals who know what they are doing.

At IT Architechs, we not only help you find the right solution, but we also offer support to help you through any problems you may face. If one of your applications stops working, let us know. We will fix it right away, minimizing the downtime you experience.

IT Architechs is a trusted provider of cloud computing solutions and support. When you partner with us, you will get the information you need to determine if moving to the cloud is right for you. Contact us today for more information.
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